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What's behind the name, "Jonnon"?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

“Jonnon” is the anglicized version of a Farsi (Persian) word, that means “dears”, or “darlings”, depending on the sentence. In Farsi, we would write it:


“Jon”, often spelled “jaan” means “dear”, and is used as a term of affection, like “thank you, dear”. “Jonnon” is the pluralized form of the word, when referring to many people who are dear to you.

To pronounce the name, think of the name “John”, as well as the preposition “on” (as in, the keys are on the table), and emphasize the first half of the word: JOHN-on.

Our founders are all born in Iran, so it was important for us to integrate our heritage into the brand. We wanted to find a name that was meaningful, and somewhat easy to pronounce for non-Farsi speakers.

We chose this name for the company because the people and the story are very dear to our hearts. We also picked this name as a tribute to Azadeh’s late sister, Sholeh, who used this term of endearment a lot. Sholeh always encouraged Azadeh to start her own clothing line, so we wanted to continue her legacy in our own way, from across the world.

So, thank you, jonnon, for supporting our little team.


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