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A hello from behind the scenes

Hello! And thank you for joining us on our mission to provide meaningful employment through ethical fashion.

We are a small, family-run business that knows first-hand the challenges of immigrating to a new country and starting from scratch. Fueled by our own experiences and learnings, our goal is to support members of our local community who are currently facing their own barriers to traditional employment.

The heart and soul (and brains, and vision, and technical skill) of this project is Azadeh Raoofi (hi Mom!), who has over 40 years of experience in apparel design and production. After years of working with the team at the now-closed Common Thread and Threadworks, Azadeh decided to start her own company to be able to continue providing work for the talented team members and graduates from those programs. A designer by training, she is passionate about reducing waste and coming up with creative ways to upcycle any and all materials as much as possible. Throw her a challenge and see what she can do!

Behind the scenes we also have me (Cheri) and dad (Saeed) helping out where we can, in addition to Kiarash and Sophie. And of course, we can't forget Beebee (pictured with Saeed) and Leonard and Mochi. (More on this all-star cast of models in another post.)

Together, we are taking the little steps we can toward supporting achieving Azadeh's vision of providing meaningful work for people facing barriers to employment.

Do you have ideas for a project or just generally want to brainstorm your next ethical product idea? Send us an email at contact[at] to set up a conversation with Azadeh. We love testing unique ideas and prototyping new ways to upcycle materials, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Stay tuned as we share more content from behind the scenes at jonnon.

Thank you for following along our journey!


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